Monday, July 28, 2008

Hundred Pushups- Week 3, Day 1 (Round Three)

Today was the first day of my third go-round on week 3. I fully expect it to be my last. I put in a pretty impressive (for the third try) performance today. Hopefully this keeps up and I skate right through.

I am also consistently doing over 100 pushups, 3 times a week now. That's pretty cool in itself.

Plan- 25, 17, 17, 15, max (min of 25)
Actual- 25, 17, 17, 15, 33
Total pushups- 107


kchealy said...

Good for you, Eric. I'm struggling with week 3 - I'm going to be repeating it next week. You're inspiring me to keep going though.

cymrusteve said...

aren't you glad you signed up?

pleased for you...


Eric Gervase said...

k- I'm not really looking at this as a 6 week program. I am truly looking at this as a get stronger program. So, I'm not that concerned if I have to repeat. Good luck with week 3. It's a bear.

Steve- Totally. Thanks for coming up with the framework.