Monday, July 28, 2008

Humid Long Run...

I went out on Sunday to get my long run in after the race. My legs were still a little dead and I wasn't really feeling it. Lucky for me, it was only 8 miles and not next week's 13. I'll try and get a little more rest leading into that run. Anyhow, my wife came out and met me just after 4 miles. Thank you... it was really humid and I was ready for her.

Other than that, the run was pretty uneventful. I actually didn't mind the fact that it was uneventful... a couple of my recent long runs have been "eventful" and it hasn't really worked out for me. So, "I got that going for me".

Run recap- 8 miles, 1:18:36, 9:50 pace


Anonymous said...

Uneventful is good. When you get a few of these kids if runs in, they become second nature!

Also, this humidity sucks. Ahh... love the northeast.

cymrusteve said...

soon be winter and we'll all be talking about the cold weather :)

nice work on a solid 8!