Friday, June 6, 2008

Running You Say?

I know, I know. I've been talking quite a lot about biking lately (did I tell you I got a new bike?). But, I'm still running too. In fact, I put in a pretty tough, good workout yesterday. I did intervals and managed to get 7 x 400 in. My plan has me doing them at my mile pace (1:40 per 400). But, I actually topped that by quite a bit on all 7. That makes me happy, maybe I'm getting faster after all...

That's not to say this was an easy workout. I think I dread these workouts more than any of the other fitness I do. Throughout the workout, I am constantly reminding myself why I'm doing it and how much longer I have to go. But, I think that is the same reason that I like the workout. Anything that tough has to be helping me. Here are the stats.

Run recap
Warmup- 7:16
400 #1- 1:27, 400 recovery- 2:54
400 #2- 1:31, 400 recovery- 3:15
400 #3- 1:30, 400 recovery- 3:27
400 #4- 1:32, 400 recovery- 3:32
400 #5- 1:34, 400 recovery- 3:54
400 #6- 1:34, 400 recovery- 3:42
400 #7- 1:35, cooldown- 6:46


Bill said...

Wow, you are definitely improving your speed and endurance compared to your earlier workouts. I'm looking forward to your next race.

kchealy said...

Nice work! One thing I like to try to do is to make the recoveries all about the same length, and to stay even or get slightly faster with each interval. Makes it even more of a challenge!

cymrusteve said...

Nice work - the splits are pretty impressive!

Have a great week and good luck with the bike commute...

Eric Gervase said...

kchealy... I hear you on that. But, this is my first try at interval training and I didn't want to overdo it. Honestly, I'm not sure I could take any more challenge at this point. But, I'll keep it in mind for later.

Thanks Steve.