Monday, June 9, 2008

Soupy Six...

I truly felt like I was swimming at times during this run. I actually tried it out earlier in the day, got 1 mile in, and had to use the bathroom (blushing).. But, I was determined to get the run in after skipping my Saturday run. So.... off I went at 8:00 at night.

The temperature had cooled down considerably, but it was not any less humid. The first three miles were torture. I was running uphill and my legs were already fatigued from the earlier attempt and mowing the lawn. Then, I hit a nice downhill section and my body woke up a bit. It was still tough and not a lot of fun. But, it went faster. I am just happy to have done it. Here are the stats...

Run recap- 6 miles, 56:48, 9:28 pace
1- 9:48
2- 9:41
3- 9:54
4- 8:57 (downhill)
5- 9:20
6- 9:07


cymrusteve said...

Funny how mowing the lawn is always a factor. I've started cutting mine on a Wednesday evening to leave the weekends free.

Happy hydration!


Eric Gervase said...

Not a bad idea... I might try to start fitting it in. Plus, then the weekend is yours...