Sunday, April 13, 2008

12.... no wait, 13 miles

My long run for today was supposed to be 12 miles. I had, what I remember as, a 6 mile loop planned to do twice. Well, my memory wasn't quite as good as I thought. And, it turns out that I ran almost a full 13 miles. There's not one thing that I can think of that is bad about this scenario. I wanted to negative split, and I did. And, I nearly got the full half distance in today. So.... that's encouraging. I still don't think I'm as fast as I'd like to be. But, only the race will tell.

On a related note... I took Ivey (my dog) with me for the first 6.5 miles. She did really good, despite a couple bathroom breaks and detours to chase random animals (mostly squirrels). She's now laying by my side out like a light. Good for her. We went to my college roommates house last night and the dogs spent the night on their own. So, she deserved a nice run.

This also was my last LSD before Lehigh Valley. So, let the taper begin. Woohoo!!

Run recap- 12.95 miles, 2:10:38, 10:06 pace
First half- 6.475 miles, 1:09:33, 10:45 pace
Second half- 6.475 miles, 1:01:05, 9:26 pace


cymrusteve said...

Taper on Eric...enjoy!

Nitmos said...

Nice job. You are good to go. Taper is now one of my favorite words.

Anonymous said...

Nice man.

Time to take it easy and rest up. Big day is coming.