Monday, March 3, 2008

Trenton Makes... The World Takes

As I'm taking the train into NY for another couple days of business travel (what's new right?), I see this sign on a bridge as I pass Trenton. "Trenton Makes... The World Takes". It's a sign I've seen many a time before... But, for some reason, it really got me thinking (maybe cause I'm exhausted). Either people in Trenton are really upset about this or they are awfully presumptuous. I mean, really... Just cause you made it, doesn't mean I want to take it. In fact, you tell me it was made in Trenton, I'm probably less likely to take it. I really am not sure what they are trying to say here.

But, I digress. I have another two days in NYC this week, then 3 next and my hectic work schedule finally slows down. In the midst of all this, I've decided to ratchet up my running schedule. I feel more healthy... and quite frankly, I feel under-prepared for the half at the end of April. I know you can't "make up" fitness. But, I would like to train a little harder over the next six weeks to get ready. Hopefully this doesn't back fire on me. But, I'd really just like to feel like I am training to potential at this point. I'll check in again tomorrow. But, for now, I'll see you on the other side. One more show to go after this one. Then, some much needed shut eye (I know this won't happen... But, I like to dream)


Bill said...

I grew up about 20 minutes from Trenton and remember seeing that sign a lot when I was a kid. The only times that Trenton was a destination was when we wanted to go to NYC and would catch the NJ Transit train at the Trenton station.

The sign on the bridge always seemed like the last vestige of a decaying city.

I found a site that wrote about the history of the sign:

Eric Gervase said...

Totally... That's how I saw it too. I actually stumbled upon the same historical site that you did when looking for that picture.

Amanda MacMillan said...

Hey I just found your blog on the Complete Running Network feed ... I'm enjoying reading it! I am originally from South Jersey about 20 minutes from Trenton as well, and for about a year I did the New Jersey transit commute into NYC every day. Yuk! But yeah, apparently that sign is supposed to be a sign of pride about all of Trenton's industry, but it always sound awfully bitter to me, too :)

Anyway, sounds like your running is going well and I'm looking forward to following your blog. I'm living in New York now and am training for the Brooklyn Half marathon in April (am blogging about it too at http://
running/index.html) ... am facing some of the same obstacles as you -- awful treadmill and cold, windy days! -- and am desperately looking forward to warmer weather.

Good luck with everything and enjoy your time in New York!