Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cris Clemons Signs With Eagles

The Eagles got another signing yesterday to compliment their opening signing of Asante Samuel. They signed Cris Clemons to a five year deal from the Oakland Raiders. Clemons is a fast defensive end who had 8 sacks in part time duty last year. Adam Schefter said that this makes up for when the Raiders took Derrick Burgess from us. If that's true, I'm stoked about the move. More realistically, I hope that he adds some pressure and another fast, live body to our defensive end rotation. Good news to see the Eagles aggressively going after help in free agency. I don't want to see another last place in the division.

Still waiting on what is going to happen with Lito Sheppard. But, I'm sure that will happen in due time. Or, maybe not? Maybe they'll find a way to make him happy. Who knows at this point? My money is on a trade for draft picks. He is receiving a lot of attention from teams in need of cornerback help. So... the Eagles may get some good value for him.


Justin said...

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Eric Gervase said...

Thanks for stopping by. At first thought, I'm not sure I'm right for what you guys do. I do write about the Eagles and football on occasion. But, mostly, my blog is about running.

But, I will continue to keep an eye out. If I decide to dedicate a blog to Philly sports, I will definitely reach out. Thanks again for stopping by. I appreciate it.