Saturday, February 23, 2008

World Media Run, 5k results

The jury is in... (drumroll please) and I'm either not as fit as I thought or ran a terrible race. Either way, a sub 23 is still alluding me. In this case, by a lot. We woke up early and ran a really nice course on the "Blue Monster" golf course at the Doral Resort. It was kind of a different race because it was so small. I actually was in third place after the first mile to mile and a half (part of my problem). My first mile came in at 6:55. Uh oh... My PR for a timed mile is 6:49. That is wwwwwaaaaaayyyyy too fast for the first mile.

My second mile was really difficult. Between getting out too fast and the thick Florida air, I was dying. My second mile came in at 8:07. Wildly erratic. I was able to pull it together some in the last 1.1, coming in at 8:37 (7:50 mile pace). So, that was encouraging. But, overall, it was not a very well run race for me. I think I ended up in sixth place at the physical event with an overall time of 23:40. But, there are still some results to come in from the virtual portion of the race. So, I will have to fight to stay in the top 10.

Run recap- 3.1 miles, 23:40, 7:39 pace

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Anonymous said...

Good race man!

That's a crazy fast first mile!

I feel real bad that you had to do all that running in the warm Florida air. Up here in PA it was great! It was almost 35 degrees! :)

The shirt rocks eh?