Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

As a huge football fan, I thought that I would be remiss to not have an entry about today's game. That said, I can't remember a game that I cared less about then today's game. Well, not true, the Steelers/Seahawks SB a couple years back competes. But, that's it.

Honestly, I've been telling everyone that asks that I hope they play the game over a fault line and both teams fall in. I've had enough of the "perfect season" talk and the "best team ever" talk. So, my instinct is to root for the Giants. That said, I'm a huge Eagles fan and I'm not sure if I could stand another Super Bowl ring in the division that isn't ours (we're still ringless for those counting). We're still holding to three league championships that happened pre Super Bowl era. Pathetic.

So... instead of telling you who I'm rooting for, I'll tell you what I expect to happen. I expect that the Giants will play them tough. They will get somewhere into the 4th quarter and Eli Manning will turn back into Eli Manning and throw a pick and fumble the ball. In the end, this will be the first Patriots Super Bowl in this recent era that will not be won by a field goal. I think it will be at least 10 points. I say, 30-20.

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