Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weigh in, week 6

Well... This week was humbling in the weight loss column but optimistic in the running column (more about that next post). But, I put in quite a gain today (I went to a party the night before my weigh-in). So, I'm attributing some of it to false pounds that will just fall off. But, humbling none the less.

Weigh in- 198.8 (4 pounds gained this week... Not true weight, but I've got some work to do this week)


Tim said...

For me the one positive about gaining weight in a week, is the motivation it gives you to push harder in the next week. Keep running!

Tim Wilson said...

I sometimes get caught up in the fluctuations too. That is why I stop worrying about what my actual weight is and take an average. The average is my official weight for what I tell anybody.... but I do know what my scale weight is too!

I use Physics Diet

Eric Gervase said...

Thanks TW... I'm totally using that.