Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ivey the lab

I went on a shorter run today to start my week and took my lab, Ivey, along. For those of you who don't know, she is 2 years old and still kinda lab puppy crazy. So, when I take her for a run, it really improves her temperament.

It's also a bit more difficult to run with Ivey in tow. She stops at multiple places to smell, pee, and eat random stuff she finds. So, it's always an adventure when you take her. Today was no different. She did all the aforementioned things... and she also got off her collar. It didn't take very long to get her back on. To be honest, she never really realized she was off. But, if she had, I would've turned a short jog into a tempo workout to chase her down. Phew...

Anyhow, here's my run recap... A little slower because I didn't stop my watch through any of the Ivey pit stops. But, not bad anyway.

Run recap- 3.05 miles, 28:26, 9:19 pace


John said...


I've been considering running with my pooch (lab mix). What kind of collar/leash do you use when you run?

Eric Gervase said...

Hey John... I haven't made any special accommodations. I just use her regular leash (it's one of those extendable leashes that goes up to 20 ft). I try to keep her close and let her know who's boss. But, I haven't perfected it yet. Some days go off without a hitch. Most days are kinda goofy. But, it's really good for her and she loves it.

I haven't had any terrible problems though either. So, it's a win.