Saturday, December 1, 2007

One hour runner... again

So, despite all my talk of listening to my friends about overdoing it, I still managed to go for a longer than planned run this morning. I gotta tell you, it felt great. It's funny, I have no real reason to push the envelope right now. I just want to. I spent so much time training for the marathon and having to do what the schedule told me, it's kinda nice to run how and when I want. So, as a result, running is big time fun again.

I intentionally ran slow so that I could run farther. So, when all was said and done, I ran 6.63 miles in 1:04:17. Not bad for not having run that far in a while. And, despite a run in with a dog at mile 6, it was pretty uneventful. So glad to be back.

Run recap- 6.63 miles, 1:04:17, 9:41 pace


Matt said...

That's great - they say the long, 'slow' miles are the best!

Saw your blog listed on Complete Running Network. I think I'm a stubborn runner too (6'0, 195), and your PBs are inspirational. I'm itching to crack 25:00 on the 5k.


Eric Gervase said...

How bout that... Maybe I've coined a phrase here. The stubborn runner.

Anyhow, thanks for checking in... What are your PRs right now? I've learned (at least getting started) that more miles was more important than fast miles. But, I think I'm approaching the point where I'll need to do more tempo/speed training. Good luck in your quest for sub 25.

Matt said...


You definitely need to copyright the Stubborn Runner for when you write your book!

I've only run 5k races so far, but have done 10k a few times in training. My PR for the 5k is 25:32, so I know sub-25 is within reach. My best 10k was 52 minutes. I've just got this nagging knee injury now that won't let me climb hills. Argh!