Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hundred Pushups Update

A couple weeks ago, I hurt my wrist doing pushups. I have a history of weak wrists from my college days of weight lifting. So, I think that I might need/want to buy one of those "perfect pushup" machines that twist your wrist as you are doing them.

So, I had to take a couple days off and go a little lighter when I came back. So, that was a slight set back. But, at the end of this week, I actually got further than I have since I've been doing pushups. I finally finished week 3, day 3. From what I can tell from reading pushup entries on my blog, this is the first time that I've passed week 3. So, that's progress.

I'm gonna max out today to see how many I can do. But, I have to believe that I've improved upon my 33 max from a couple weeks ago. Only one way to find out...


Andrew is getting fit said...

I'm sure you will!

cymrusteve said...

those perfect push ups machines are a killer! received a set for my birthday last year and they really work more muscles than the standard push up.

have you tried doing knuckle push ups on a rolled up towel or other padded surface? i've got weak wrists too, and the knuckle push ups are less hard-core than they sound.

who's going to win the bet? when is the competition?


Eric Gervase said...

Well... I only did 32. But, I'm gonna take your advice Steve and try the knuckle pushups. We'll see.