Thursday, December 25, 2008

Yeah, Great Idea

I went over to the YMCA to get in a treadmill run because it was misting and cold outside. When I got there, I realized that they were closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas. Drats. I took that as a sign that I am getting to reliant on the indoor running and I should toughen up and run outdoors. So, I went back home and did some pushups and then went out front to check the weather. It was still misting, but not too bad. Very runnable.

So, I put a pair of shorts on and a tech shirt with a hoody and headed out on my way. I told myself that I was going to do 6 easy miles just to build mileage, not speed. So... the first 3.5 miles were great. I passed my brother-in-law's house and he was out front with their rotweiler Luther. He feigned like he was going to chase me down, so I continued running instead of testing him.

It was right about then that the weather worsened. And I tell you, the next 2.5 miles were the longest 2.5 miles I've run since the marathon in 2007. Ugh. It really started coming down and it was windy and freezing. I was totally unprepared (dressed in shorts, you moron). And, the whole time I kept fighting off flagging down a car to drive me into town again. But, I eventually made it back. I did the whole 6 miles and am glad that I finished. But, that ranks right up there with one of the stupidest runs I've ever gone on. 25 minutes of misery. No good.


Sarah said...

YIKES. I haven't run in about two weeks now. I'm just a big fat wimp.

cymrusteve said...

Well done on sticking with it. So I'm not the only one chasing a mileage goal for 2008? 6 days to go and counting....