Thursday, December 25, 2008

1000 miles?

Back in July I set a goal for 1000 miles (see post here) for 2008. At the time I was at 400 miles and I had to average 100 miles a month to get there. Although, I was ramping up my miles and I secretly thought this was an easy goal. Then, Juliana was born in September and everything went a little haywire.

So... here we are, one week from 2009 and I have 24 miles left. About a week ago, it looked unlikely that I would make it. But, after a good week and a realization that it was still within reach, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get there (even if it's hitting the number on the nose).

So, funny enough, an "easy" goal I set 5-6 months ago is actually just enough to get me to finish the year strong. I ran 5 miles on Tuesday and 6 yesterday. I'm probably going to rest today (Christmas) and run 6 out of the next 7 days to complete the 24 to get to 1000. Unbelievably, I'm most likely going to hit my 1000 mile goal exactly.

Also... mini pushup update. I've been religiously doing my pushups and I think it is going pretty well. I've definitely improved and I've settled in to 5 sets, twice a day. I topped out at 116 pushups the other day. So, I'm moving up the charts a bit.


Steve Stenzel said...

Good luck on your goal of 1000!!

Happy Holidays!!

kchealy said...

You can do it Eric - you're so close!

I've made it to 1109 miles this year, probably a record for me.

Keep going on those pushups - you're doing great!