Saturday, July 26, 2008

Crazy Week...

This week was absolutely insane at work. I went from kicked back and relaxing on vacation (ok, mentally) to full speed ahead at work. We had meetings all week and went out to dinner twice with the crew. I really enjoyed spending time with the out of town sales guys as well as my other co-workers that I don't spend time with outside of work. But, by the end of the week, I was losing it.

It also made it very difficult to get my runs in as well. After having a goofy LSD on Sunday, I didn't want to miss any of my other runs this week (and I didn't). But, I did a 6 with Justin over lunch. That's further than I'd like to go over lunch (for timing reasons). With my schedule the way it was, it felt like my only choice. Then, Justin and I got a fast 3 miler in on Thursday. It felt really good and led me right into the Freshburst race today. Here's the recap for the 6 and 3 milers...

Wednesday run- 6 miles, 57:39, 9:37 pace
Thursday run- 3 miles, 25:59, 8:40 pace

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