Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Late posting of Lehigh Valley Half pics

I was playing with my camera (to get the bike pic) and finally got around to taking the LVHM pics off of it. If you are interested, here's a couple pictures that my wife took.

This was half way through with a smile on my face (I'm the guy in the dark blue shirt and grey shorts). I thought this was funny afterwards because the guy directly to my left is wearing a Run4Luck 2008 shirt. I ran that race (1 of 300 or so). Not a huge coincidence. But, I had seen the picture a couple times and never noticed.

This one was taken from pretty far away, so the quality isn't that great (and I zoomed the pic to get a better "frame"). But, this is me at the finish. Notice... not smiling anymore.


cymrusteve said...

Nice pics...

I wouldn't be smiling either with 4 females trying to overtake me at the finish!

Eric Gervase said...

For the record... I just got finished overtaking them, ego in tact. But really, they were enjoying themselves at the finish and I was focused on running right by them. I think they won that battle (but I finished before them).