Thursday, May 22, 2008

Intervals on the Streets of NYC...

This might have been the strangest run of my life. I went to my hotel's fitness room yesterday morning and it was the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. Very old equipment and treadmills that looked like they would fall apart if you walked on them. I tried to start my interval workout on the treadmill anyway. But, alas, every time I got up to speed it would shut down. So, I had to take it to the streets. With only a little time before I had to be at the event, I had to hurry.

So... instead of going over to Central Park, I had to get the interval workout in on the streets. I frantically jogged North and would run East or West down streets that were less busy during my speed part of the intervals. I was sprinting up and back streets to the delight/confusion of construction workers. But, I'm a slave to the schedule, so it had to be done. All in all, I still haven't had a stable interval workout (only done two so far). But, I have two more to do in this 5k plan. Maybe the next one will go better.

Here's the stats that I have... 1:40 for every interval (not sure if it was a true 400) and a total of 34:38 time running.

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