Saturday, March 15, 2008

Run4Luck Results

Talk about a good time... This morning, Nate, Marcus, Dave, Jennifer and Bridget went out and ran the Run4Luck. My wife and daughter went out to support us as well. It's always nice to have someone on the course cheering you on. Thanks... The weather, although a little chilly, was much better than it had been the first two years of this event. I only ran last year, but I think the organizers were starting to feel a little disappointed with the weather they had to endure the first two years of the event. But, it was a very nice day for a race indeed.

Nate and I are similarly paced. So, we ended up running a majority of the race together. I was trailing him no more than 20 yards the entire time. In fact, we were running side by side at about the 3.5 mile mark. Kinda crazy... I told Nate that he was gonna have to start pulling away there because I have a better kick than him. He didn't seem to have it in him. We stayed close most of the rest of the race. Then, in the last .1 miles (I would guess), I began to take off. I ended up running a 30:46 for the 4 mile course while Nate ran a 30:54. As you can see, we're pretty much a dead heat anymore. He has a little more long endurance... So, we might have had a different story if it were a 5 mile race.

All in all, it was a blast. I beat last year's time by about 8.5 minutes. Not too shabby. I was hoping for sub 32. I would have been very happy about a 31:30 or lower. And, I was ecstatic with a 30 something time. I can hardly believe it.

The other really nice thing was how close Nate and I are in terms of fitness level. We are training for the same half and that should keep us both very motivated. There was also a period of time last year where Nate and I were pretty far apart. Nate has all but completely (if not completely) closed the gap. So, that's fun too. We're not hyper-competitive about it and I think it serves as good motivation for the both of us. So... that's a win on all fronts.

Oh yeah... Congrats to Marcus for finishing in first in his age group. And, congrats to Dave for a better time than anticipated. I believe they came in 25 something and 27 something respectively. They're fast.

Run recap- (Splits based on people giving splits on the course)
Mile 1- 7:27
Mile 2- 8:38 (long hill)
Mile 3- 7:10
Mile 4- 7:30

4 miles, 30:46, 7:42 pace


Bill said...

Congrats on a great race (and new PR), this definitely bodes well for LVHM.

cymrusteve said...

As I predicted - "huge improvement!"


Sounds like a great day for an enjoyable race...