Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Procrastination is a b...

Ok.. You know what I'm saying right? I've got all this work to do tonight for my MBA class and I'm writing a blog about nothing. That's right... this is about nothing. I'm ready to be graduated already (this is my last class). I'm sure you all will hear me complain for the rest of the semester. But, I can't wait until this is done.

In athletic news... Meliss and I went to the gym tonight. Unfortunately, we were only there for 10 minutes because Meliss started to feel queasy (pregnant queasy). Anyhow, we went home. No big deal to me. I was hungry and had a lot of work to procrastinate. But, I did get 10 minutes on the elliptical in today for the record. Not that it did me much good or anything.

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