Saturday, February 9, 2008

Harrisburg Marathon... I'm in?

I've been debating whether I wanted to run Harrisburg in November (because it's close and small) or Steamtown in October because it's medium sized (not too big), down-hill and fast. After looking at the schedule, I would have to be training all the way through the summer for Steamtown. Where as, if I train for Harrisburg, I wouldn't have to be on my training plan in June. Also, after running MCM, I would really like to have a small "event". For Harrisburg, you can park 100 yards from the start line and you don't have to get a hotel. That's nice. Not only that, my wife is pregnant again (like how I snuck that in?), and she is due the week before Steamtown. So, that's probably not going to work.

So, Harrisburg it is.... provided I stay/get healthy and continue to progress. Nate is probably going to run it too, so we'll be training some of our long runs together. That'll be nice. The only thing I am dreading is Marcus's race report last year. He is an excellent runner and he keeps telling me how much he hated the "park" portion of the race starting at mile 18 (I think it was 18, deep into the race anyway). He said that it is rolling hills for a couple miles. On a normal run, no big deal. That far into the race, big deal.

I guess Steamtown is meant for another year. It's a fast course, so it may be one to reserve for when I'm really serious and trying to BQ (if that ever happens). But, for now, it's Harrisburg.
Probably not my first pick, but absolutely the least complicated pick. And, that works for me right now.


Bill said...

From a hill perspective, Harrisburg isn't very hard. Like Marcus, I wasn't fond of hitting them around mile 18, but looking back at my training, I realize I should have better prepared for hills. About 95% of my miles were on pancake flat courses, and I think if I had thrown in some hill runs once a week I would have handled that section better physically and mentally.

Eric Gervase said...

That's cool... Any other nuggets about Harrisburg that I should know?

Eric Gervase said...
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Bill said...

The perennial fluid sponsor is Cytomax, which I personally can't stand (but I've heard others say they love it). If you are planning on getting a bunch of calories from fluids either make sure you can tolerate Cytomax or plan on bringing your own. I chose to wear a fuel belt with 2 * 10oz flasks of Gatorade since that is what I liked and trained with. I also had some friends meet up with me at a few points on the course so I could swap out flasks.