Sunday, February 10, 2008

First Time at the Barracks...

I've been hearing Nate talk about the barracks for quite some time now. It's where he's put a lot of training time in and I would probably call it his "home course". So, it was neat to finally get out there and see what he was talking about.

So... Nate, Bill and I went out on a 5 mile run at the Barracks on a nice crushed stone path. The pace was pretty quick, but the company was very good. I like our little running crew. However, I really don't think that Bill can continue to run with Nate and I and still get maximum effectiveness out of the run. Unbelievably... at the end of a tough workout for me, Bill's heart rate was at about 90. Yikes... he's pretty fast.

Also... I kinda felt like the anchor today. It didn't seem like the pace was affecting Bill or Nate. But, it was certainly kicking my butt. That may have had something to do with the fact that I got about 4 hours of sleep the night before. We are trying to get Sophie back in a regular sleeping schedule and she cried for like an hour and fifteen minutes last night. That was brutal.

All in all, the Barracks is a great place to run. It wraps around a golf course and has a very nice path. I enjoyed it. Nate and I are going to try and hook up for every other long run for the half to keep up with each other's progress. It's really nice to have someone to share the miles with. It makes it a ton easier.

Run recap- 5.01 miles, 44:25, 8:52


Bill said...

Hey Eric -
I enjoyed the company/run. One note about the FIRST program, is that it doesn't really allow for social runs (unless you can find people training for the same distance race and going at the prescribed training pace). This is one of the reasons I am deviating from FIRST. I still think the 3 key workouts part is a good idea.

FWIW, my heart rate was about 130-135 during the run, the pulse check was about a minute after we finished.

Eric Gervase said...

Hmmm... That kinda sucks. I like the social aspect if I can fit it in. You're right though. To get the right paces and everything, you would have to do it alone.

In regards to your heart rate... I'm glad to hear you're human. I've got some work to do.

Anonymous said...

Good run guys, what a blast.

It was fun to take people over to the Barracks and show them where I put in a bunch of my miles.