Sunday, January 6, 2008

Weigh in, week 3

Well, this isn't exactly going as planned. I weighed in this morning and actually gained a bit of weight. It's really hard to go from an avid runner that controls his eating a little bit. To... not running and having to REALLY control my eating. So, here's the weigh in results. I've really got to start doing a better job.

Week 3 weight- 200.2


tbtgwacmtt said...


I'm in COMPLETE sympathy with your situation! I didn't know this until now but we're almost exactly at the same weight and using the same tools to deal with it - BUT you're dealing with an injury on top of it!

Keep up the good work - you'll get through this quickly and be stronger for it (literally!).

- Bill

Anonymous said...

Eh, don't be so hard on yourself. Fluctuations in weight are very common and can be as much as a few pounds.

Look at it over time, not any one individual weigh in.

It's science not magic (I tell myself this all time to keep me grounded). Consume few calories than you use and you will lose weight.

Simple. Not easy.