Thursday, January 10, 2008

Instant Karma...

I worked later than I should have tonight and Melissa was really in need of a break from Sophia (I could hear it in her voice when I called on my way home). Anyhow, I decided I was going to let Meliss go to the gym and I would watch Sophie. So, I was going to sacrifice a chance to work out so that my wife could blow some steam.

So, we made our way over to the Adamstown Y and I planned to play with Sophie in the "play room" downstairs. As soon as I walked in with Sophie, the girl who runs the Y (Jessie) asked if I wanted to go work out. She said that she would watch Sophie. She has watched her on many occasions in the past as part of the Y's babysitting program. So, I felt totally comfortable with the idea. One good turn deserves another I guess. I was going to watch Sophie and sacrifice a work out. Instead, Jessie watched Sophie while we went upstairs to get a work out in. Boy, I could have hugged her.

As a result... I got the opportunity to go for 20 minutes on the bike and lift a bit (one bicep exercise and one tricep exercise). Then, so as not to ruin the good karma, I hustled downstairs to retrieve my daughter. I know that there is about a .0000000001% chance that Jessie would ever run into this post. But, I'm gonna thank you here anyway. Thanks Jessie. Awesome!!!

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cyberpenguin said...

That's great that you could both exercise, thanks to Jessie!