Monday, December 17, 2007

Ok... I said it

I am putting myself on an 8 week plan starting today. I want to get down to 190 pounds by the end of 8 weeks. That's a (depending on the day) loss of about 10 pounds over 8 weeks or 1.25 pounds per week. I'm also going to give weekly updates (I'm sure you guys care) to hold myself publicly accountable.

First day of schedule- 201.6 pounds, 11.6 pounds to go (that number is inflated because of my Atlantic City trip. I think it is more accurately about 10 pounds)
February 10th, final weigh-in


Amanda said...

So what's your plan?

Eric Gervase said...

It's more a conscious effort to restrict calories and continue with my exercise. Funny... When I said plan, I really just meant "publicly accountable". But, "plan" does beg something more. I can lose the weight... It's just a matter of setting my mind to it. Now I'm accountable.

Anonymous said...

Want to go to lunch?

Just kidding, I will be good with that :)

Bill said...

Have you considered getting a body fat monitor? I think getting insight into weight + body fat gives you a better picture of overall health.

Eric Gervase said...

My scale does body fat... It seems to be pretty consistent. Is that what you're talking about Bill?