Monday, December 17, 2007

AC Trip and Running Don't Mix

So, Nate and I went to Atlantic City on Saturday night. It was fun and I lost a bunch of money (what's new). But, the beer and martinis don't really mix with my running program. I don't drink that often, so I kinda forget how much it affects my running. Also, I got my five runs in last week by Friday. So, I didn't need to run on Saturday. I was still recovering on Sunday, so I didn't run then either. That was my first weekend in a LONG time that I didn't run at all (save injured weekends). It was really kinda strange.

Today was my first day back at it. I ran my customary 4.19 mile run against the wind and my drinking from the weekend. It didn't go great, but I am happy to be back on the wagon.

Run recap- 4.19 miles, 39:22, 9:24 pace


Anonymous said...

Like everything else Eric, it takes practice. A couple of sets of jim beam and 1200's and in a few weeks, boom, you are a drunken runner.

Bill said...

What did you guys play in AC?

Eric Gervase said...

We played blackjack. It actually went well until we drank too much. I won $110 at the first table we played at and paid for dinner. Then, we drank too much, and I couldn't tell you how I won/lost.

I usually play poker, but it's not very social.