Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Jolly old St. Nick...

That's what my belly felt like this morning when I woke up. But, after a lunch time run, I'm feeling better about it. I have one more Christmas dinner to live through. As long as I haven't gained this week (that's no guarantee at this point), I'll be happy. Man, I was my old self again yesterday. I ate everything in sight. Here's to a lighter dinner tonight.

But, back to the run... Nate and I got to go out for our first run together since we moved to the new building at work (we moved in early October, so it's been a pretty long layoff). Between him and I being hurt, we haven't had that opportunity at all. Nate was probably forcing the run today, but I'm sure he was happy to be out there. As for me... The lack of wind was fantastic. It was cold, but very bearable.

Run recap- 3.93 miles, 37:03, 9:25 pace


Topher said...

Right there with you, man. I've been "admiring" my "lap cover" today at work. Maybe I cinched my belt a notch tighter than usual, or maybe it's all the crap I've eaten in the past seven days. So add that to your running list of ways you're

Unlike me, though, you've actually run in the last seven days. My last run was Thursday, and then I got the runs on Saturday (not pretty when coupled with the fact that I was experiencing other stomach ailments at the same time). That's all from the Too Much Information (TMI) Network for now. Maybe I'll run tonight if the snow lets up.

Eric Gervase said...

You freakin crack me up. I haven't had to battle any snow recently though. And, my heel has been bothering me too. Not sure what that's about.

Sorry to hear about the puking from both ends... I've been there. I can run through virtually any ailment/injury. But, when the stomach is not right, you should definitely bag.