Monday, November 26, 2007

Goals for this week...

Tomorrow is Tuesday and I still haven't really decided what my plan is for this week. I guess I should figure that out, huh? Here's what I'm thinking. I did 5 miles yesterday (which is the start of my normal running week) and would like to do that distance one more time in my regular schedule this week. I am also trying to get 5 runs in this week, so.... here it is 5 (already complete), 3, 5, 3, 7. That's a total of 23 miles this week. That may be a little hefty for just getting back. But, I'll listen to my body (right..) and reel it in if I have to.

My next goal?? Find myself a running plan. I'm not training for any races. I'm kind of a lost soul without some sort of goal in mind. So, I'm gonna start searching around for a good plan... any advice, let me know. In the meantime, it wouldn't hurt to find a race that I can run. I'm running the Jingle Bell run in a couple weekends. But, I'm not going to be "trained" for that run.


Anonymous said...

Plenty of Higdon plans you haven't done yet. The 5K intermediate or advanced would be good plans.

Also, just an outsiders view that you can disregard if you like, but I think you are piling on too many miles too fast from just getting back from an injury.

Of course since I am currently sidelined I might be a bit more sensitive to these things. :)

Eric Gervase said...

I hear you and not listening... recipe for disaster. I think you may be right. I'll see about my long run on Saturday. Maybe only do 5. We'll see.

Topher said...

I found out pretty soon after my first half marathon that without a goal, a training plan doesn't mean much. However, that goal could be anything from an actual race to running a faster mile to dropping some pounds. Good luck. BTW, found your blog via Complete Running.


Eric Gervase said...

Hey Topher... Yeah, you're definitely right. A goal is definitely key. I'm always trying to lose that last 15 pounds. Not sure if I'm ready to commit to it yet though.

In regards to the plan... I'm a very "scheduled" runner. Even if I didn't have a 5k in mind, it helps me to be on a plan. Funny, but true.