Friday, November 23, 2007

Fitness Test

I was able to get out for my third run of the week today. In total, that is my fifth workout already this week (with a 60 minute eliptical on the schedule for tomorrow that'll make 6). I decided that this was a good opportunity to see where I am at and how much fitness I've actually lost. So, I ran the same run that Meliss and I ran yesterday. This time, I didn't run all out, but I ran enough to get myself huffing and puffing. I'd say it was about 90% effort. Yesterday was just about 75% effort. When all was said and done, I ran the same run in 26:42, more than 3 minutes faster than yesterday. So, I've definitely lost some fitness. But, I'm still in a place that feels alright.

Run recap- 3.08 miles, 26:42, 8:41 pace


Bill said...

Sounds like your recovery is going well. I think it is smart to keep some of those elliptical/bike workouts in the mix while you are getting back into racing shape. If you are looking help in gaging effort have you thought about getting a Garmin 305? Amazon has them for $205 and you can get a $50 rebate from Garmin if you sign up for some lame powerbar newsletter (although it expires 11/30).

Eric Gervase said...

Yeah... I'm only keeping the cross training in there because I'm afraid of what the pounding will do to my feet. I can already tell it's going to be tough to stop myself from running. But, I'll do my best.

I have thought about the Garmin. It's a luxury I haven't allowed myself yet. My wife bought me a new running watch pretty recently and I brought up the idea of the Garmin. She wasn't real stoked about the idea. Eventually, I'll have one. But, for now, I'm left to timing myself and It's not terrible. It works. Although, I don't heart rate metrics. That would be nice.

greg said...

Sounds like you had a difficult recovery from MCM. I was injured in Sept while training for MCM and had to defer to next year. Loved your race report on the Marathon.

Found you on the Complete Running Network.

About Me said...

Hey Greg... Welcome. Yeah. I'm finally feeling close to 100% with my feet. Now I have to get my fitness back. Just happy to be running again.

I'll have to check out your running blog. I'm on my way right now.