Monday, February 2, 2009

Swimming Maniac

I'm really getting better at this swimming thing. I've swam a little bit each of the last three days. I swam a shortened (wanted 500 yds) 325 yds on Saturday. Then, before I went on a 6 mile run in Harrisburg on Sunday, I did 500 yds to make up for it. And, since I was still pretty spent from my six miler (I haven't been doing long runs lately), I decided to take a light day today and not run.

So, what did I do? I went swimming! And, boy did I... I swam a total of 700 yds for the first time ever. I did 250 then 100 to bring my heart rate down, 250 again and then 100 to finish. I'm officially at half of the 500 yd sprint tri distance. And, I think I'm really not that far off from doing the full 500. I'm gonna continue to inch towards it. Then, as soon as I can actually do it, I will start working on times (I have no idea how slow I am at this point).

The six miler on Sunday went well too. I ran with a whole host of people... A guy I just met (Mark Rebuck), Justin (my work running buddy), Nate (my old work running buddy and good friend) and Bill (running buddy who I met through Nate). Then, everyone but Justin went and grabbed Indian food afterwards. Nate and Bill call it their Run4Naan. I dig it.

The run itself was really icy and not that pleasant. At times, it wasn't that bad, but here's a picture of the trail that we were running on...

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Andrew is getting fit said...

That run might not have been pleasant but it looks pretty spectacular.