Saturday, February 14, 2009

Soccer Again!!

It has been quite some time since I've played soccer in any kind of regular fashion. I've played here and there over the years to varying levels of success. But, I just joined a coed team for indoor soccer this week, I play my first game on Wednesday night.

My friend (and running buddy) Lisa had an open slot on her and her boyfriend's team and she knew that I have been itching to play. So, after 3 games, someone quit their team and they asked me to fill in. My first thought is SWEET. Followed quickly by... OH CRAP. Lisa and Davon (her boyfriend) are both pretty darn athletic. And, I've heard that Davon is pretty darn good at soccer. So, it becomes one of those situations where you don't want to be the guy bringing everyone else down...

So... things in my favor:
1) I'm fit (unlike back when I played soccer)
2) I was a soccer junkie my entire life
3) I'm a great team player

Things that could destroy me:
1) I'm not soccer fit no matter how fit I think I am
2) I haven't touched a ball in... oh... I don't know, over a year?
3) I haven't played competitively in probably 4-5 years

Wish me luck... this could get interesting.