Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A break from "serious" mileage...

In the last couple weeks I've realized something. For me, chasing number of miles in the winter is just not something I'm interested in. Instead, I think that it is becoming more and more beneficial to keep up a nice base... but not get too wound up about how many miles. The reality is, the nearest race in my future isn't until March. So, there is no reason to overdo it right now.

So... that begs the question, "What am I focusing on?". Well, I'll tell you. If you've been paying any attention to me lately (and it's quite possible you haven't), I've really been trying to focus on getting my weight down. And, I've had some success. I've also embarked on a triathlon journey, however early in that journey I am... And finally, I've fallen off the pushup bus (again), but want to get serious about that (again).

So, it's not really that I'm scaling back... just that I'm making room for the other elements of my training. For me, the running started as a weight loss opportunity and turned into a running obsession... That's not a problem, in fact I love my "healthy" obsession. But, I have kind of lost track of my original intention. Recently, I was even moving in the wrong direction with my weight battle.

I think I'm pointed in the right direction again. But, come early February, I think the miles are going to come back. I just need a couple weeks to really concentrate on some other things.


Andrew is getting fit said...

Fair enough I reckon!

Juls said...

The plan sounds good but, don't forget, March is just around the corner. Are you planning Napa?

Eric Gervase said...

You're right... March is right around the corner. Call it a short break.

What's Napa?