Sunday, January 4, 2009

1 Week of TheDailyPlate...

So, I made it through week one unscathed. I've actually followed the plan pretty much to a tee. I really like it so far. And, as of week one, I've already dropped 3 of the planned 20 pounds. That's a real good start. Here's a mini-review of what I like and don't like about TheDailyPlate.

First, for those who don't know, TheDailyPlate is a web site that you log all of your eating and calories. It has a pretty good bank of food and calorie (as well as nutritional) information available in it's database. You search for the food you ate and log it in your "Daily Plate". You also give your height, weight and desired weekly weight loss and it gives you a calorie count to stick to every day. For those fitness buffs out there (most of you are), it tells you to log your activities as well and eat back the calories (the daily calorie count factors in your desired weight loss, so you should be eating back your fitness calories). And that's it in a nut shell.

1. Results (so far)
2. Accountability
3. It really shows you where you are going wrong when you are going wrong.
4. It makes you think about planning what food you're going to eat

1. I'm developing a mild case of OCD. When I am counting calories like this, it gets a little overwhelming
2. Counting calories is a little monotonous.
3. My wife hates the added time I spend on the computer (I already spend a bunch)
4. Always having to know how many calories are in EVERYTHING I eat.

All in all, it's working so far. And, I hope to stick with it until I hit my goal of 185. So far so good...


Andrew is getting fit said...

Gotta love the OCD. :)

cymrusteve said...

You'll soon get a "feel" for how many calories you're consuming and I'm sure the OCD won't be as OCD as it is at the moment :)