Monday, October 6, 2008

Fun With Numbers, HOH 2008

Here are some results for me at the HOH half marathon this year and last year... Not too shabby.

Me 2008
150/435 overall, 112/232 males, 17/28 age group

Me 2007
176/340 overall, 128/215 males, 18/21 age group

What stands out about these numbers? Last year, only three runners finished behind me in my age group. This year, 11 runners did. That's improvement right there.

Good race and I'm excited to run the Harrisburg relay now. Time to speed up...

Results link:


Bill said...


Topher said...

sa-weeet! good goin.

Nitmos said...

Great race and nice year to year improvement! Getting faster whether you like it or not...especially considering this wasn't the race you were exactly training for. Congratulations!

Eric Gervase said...

Thanks guys...

Nitmos.. You got that right. Is this what you've been talking about with the bell curve? I've got room for improvement I guess.

Nitmos said...

It IS what I'm talking about. You are on the upswing of the bell curve I think. Big gains still dead ahead.