Saturday, September 6, 2008

Embarassed or Thankful (Lititz Freshburst Run 08)?

So, I wrote a post (here) a couple months ago about a race I ran in Lititz. I run the race most years and it was actually my first ever race well before I even took running seriously.

So.... we went to get the mail today and there was a package there for me. I had no idea there was anything coming, so it was kinda fun. I start opening the envelope... and what is it? A T-shirt.. It was a large T-shirt that I had complained about not getting at the race. I can only assume that the race director saw my post when they Googled the race and sent it to me.

So... now I'm not sure if I'm embarrassed or thankful or both...? At any rate, I know that I am thankful. The note was signed Sara Young Fisher... so, thank you! But... I guess you should be careful what you say on the Interweb... ;)

Just another reason to like this race. Very random and very cool. I really appreciate it.


Nitmos said...

Every now and then I get a note from someone saying they read about their race on my blog. Or, the coolest one, from Dick Beardsley himself saying he saw my photoshop of him as a Godzilla hybrid. No swag though sent to me.

Eric Gervase said...

That's awesome... I can't believe Beardsley commented on your blog. Although, I read that blog post, so I guess I can believe it. That was a funny one.