Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wednesday Double..

I realized something yesterday.... Just because I have an 8 miler on the schedule, doesn't mean I have to do it all at one time. I won't get the best result by always splitting up my runs. But there are times in which my schedule won't allow otherwise (or comfortably allow otherwise). So, it's a valid, but not perfect, alternative for me.

So... after having this new found "freedom", I decided to take advantage of it. I did 4.2 miles over lunch and 3.8 miles late last night. I feel pretty good today and have another 4 over lunch. Then, it's off to my alma mater (college) to play an alumni soccer game tomorrow. More on that later...

Run recap lunch- 4.2 miles, 38:21, 9:08 pace
Run recap late-night- 3.8 miles, 37:17, 9:49 pace

1 comment:

cymrusteve said...

enjoy the soccer - careful you don't get injured though!

nice idea splitting the runs...whatever works right?