Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sub 4 hour 7 miler...

What a night!! I finally did it, sub 4 hours for 7 miles!!

Ok... ok... that's not really it. I decided last minute (about .2 miles into my run) that I was going to test out my goal pace for the marathon on my 7 miler tonight. That goal is under 4 hours (or about 9:13ish pace).

So, after clipping off a comfortable 9:17 first mile as a warmup, I really turned it up. The next mile came in at 9:07 and I was thinking, "huh, this isn't so bad". Then, I came in under 9 minutes at 8:57 for the third mile. I wasn't really trying to run this fast, but since it was going ok I continued.

The fourth mile came in almost identical at 8:58 and I was really cruising along now. Then, I turned in an 8:54 fifth... Here's where it really got interesting. Since I was in my sixth mile, I was trying not to pay much attention to the Garmin. I thought it might help me zone out for a bit. Mission accomplished. I looked down at the Garmin and I had run just over half a mile and I was pacing for a 9:44 mile!!! Yikes!

Then, I quickly went into recovery mode. I didn't make it this far into the run to throw a bad split in there towards the end. So, I turned it up and then looked back down at my watch to see if I was making up ground. I certainly was.... I had knocked the pace down to 8:34 in a quarter mile. Either that means I was running at the speed of light, or I had misread the Garmin and it originally said 8:44, not 9:44. So, I wasn't behind at all.

Anyhow, I finished that mile in an astounding 8:24 and rode that momentum all the way to the end for an 8:25 final mile. Pretty impressive workout indeed.

Run recap- 7 miles, 1:02:02, 8:52 pace


cyberpenguin said...


Great job, Eric! Wow, that's a BIG deal.

cyberpenguin said...

BTW, do you have a Twitter, Facebook, or Digg ID? If so, what is it? I'd like to mark you as a friend, & likewise you're welcome to do the same. (In Twitter my id is cyberpenguin & in Digg it's cyberpenguin1. I'm listed by first & last name in FB.)

cyberpenguin said...

BTW, friended you on Digg. And DOH, we're already friends on FB. ;-) So, all that's left is your Twitter ID.

Eric Gervase said...

I actually don't really use Digg. I just started using Twitter (test-drive). The only one I really use is Facebook at this point.

Anonymous said...


cyberpenguin said...

Hi Eric,

Have fun using Twitter! Once you get used to it, you might find you can't stop: It's highly addictive, so watch out! ;-)

I find that it's a great tool for communication & publicizing things going on at your blog & any other ideas or causes you wish to announce. Also, another nice thing is that it automatically converts really long URLs into TinyUrls. Speaking of which, you can also plug your URLs into TinyURL & use them to save typing space, not only for Twitter, but for other purposes as well (links & status updates in FB, etc.).]

As you might've already noticed, you can also use it to direct message, which is private, or give (public) shoutouts to your pals by using the @ symbol in front of their Twitter handles.

As for publicizing your blog in Facebook, I also recommend using the following Facebook applications: Blog RSS Feedreader, Blog Networks, & Flog Blog, if you haven't already added them!

Hope this helps! Good luck & have fun with all of your new social networking toys! ;-)


cyberpenguin said...

Did you see Tim's recent post (on 26.2 Quest) about Twitter? It's great for finding other runners on Twitter, if you want to follow their updates & be able to Twitter back & forth with them. Also, if you add your name to the list, other runners will be able to follow you as well. ;-)

Nitmos said...

As Rob Schneider says in every movie "You can do it."

cyberpenguin said...

Hi Eric,
Just thought you might like to know that you are now part of the Runner's Circle. ;-)

cyberpenguin said...

Hi Eric,
Doh, there's a minor error in the above link I listed: If you follow the Runner's Circle link & then remove the slash from the URL & reload the page, the link works! ;-) Here's the correct link. Please excuse the typo!

cymrusteve said...

What a seven miler! Excellent - really pleased for you...

Is this the same guy that wrote "Life is getting in the way of my running right now and that is actually ok with me."?

Amazing how each day can be so different huh?

Keep it up...


Greg On the Run said...

I'm impressed