Monday, August 4, 2008

Rough Weekend (and Marathon Training)

This is becoming a trend for me. This summer has been very busy and I've had a really tough time getting my runs in. Yesterday was no different. I woke up in the morning and Melis had to go over to the hospital for a stress test for the baby (short story, everything is fine). At any rate, that took a majority of the morning and I wasn't able to get my run in.

Then, we have the "fence guys" coming in today, so I had to go out and make sure I pulled the fence out and got it all ready for a new fence to come in. I was right in thinking that pulling the fence out wouldn't be that big of a deal. But, unfortunately, there were 3-4 small tree stumps in the way that I had to dig out. That was a bear (and one of them still remains).

So.... after doing all that, I didn't have the energy for 13 miles. So, I decided I would do it today somehow. The plan right now is to split it up (6 over lunch and 7 tonight). We'll see if I'm able to pull it off.

I also got my six miler in on Saturday, that was the end to a good week.

Run recap- 6.0 miles, 56:37, 9:26


Anonymous said...

Yikes buddy. Tough one. Good work though on getting it in today.

Good luck!

Nitmos said...

Keep at it. Its not all wine and roses when following the ole training plan.

Eric Gervase said...

6 done... 7 to go. (said through tears)

cymrusteve said...

Good luck on the seven. Nice improvisation!


I expect digging out the tree stumps was a good workout in itself...

Eric Gervase said...

You said it man, you said it. Now that it's behind me, it wasn't that bad. Funny how that works. Wouldn't want to make a habit of it though.