Monday, July 7, 2008

Last LSD Before Marathon Training

I got in one last long run before marathon training on Sunday. I was kind of torn between doing something a little shorter to give myself a break and building the mile between 8 and 10 (last week's LSD and next week's LSD). So, I decided to run the longer mileage and make sure I was ready to start my plan by running 9 miles.

Did I need to do that? Most likely no... Did I need to do that? Absolutely yes... It's a funny thing about running. There are a million rules and physical limits and injuries and so on. But, what is more challenging to me is the mental fight that is constantly going on. In my mind, there wasn't much of an option this week. I had to run 9 for my own sanity. Call it stupid... but it's true.

So, off I went. I did a 5 mile run on country roads that I am very used to and looped back to my house. Then, I grabbed some Gatorade and did the last 4 in town. It was actually one of the nicer long runs I've done by myself in a while. I did a lot of thinking about the marathon and just enjoyed myself. I can't help but think I'm ready to go.... Here comes the grind. I wonder if I'm gonna feel the same way in 6 weeks. Only time will tell...

Run recap- 9.0 miles, 1:25:10, 9:28 pace


Nitmos said...

I always opt for a few more miles when uncertain. At the least, I feel better about the decision post run.

Amy said...

I just started marathon training this week, too and I did an 8 miler for my last long run.

Good luck with your training! I'll definitely be checking back at your blog to see how you're doing!

Eric Gervase said...

Great, I'll keep an eye on how everything is going for you as well.