Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hundred Pushups- Week 3, Day 1

I had an awakening on Sunday night when I tried to do day 1 of week 3. It was a pretty scary workout to look at and just as imposing to do. I fell short, but I expected to. Here is the results.

Plan- 25, 17, 17, 25, max (min of 25)
Actual- 25, 17, 17, 10, 15


cyberpenguin said...

This plan is very challenging! You still did the 25 at the end, just in two separate bits. ;-)

Hang in there!

Nitmos said...

This whole push up thing sweeping the blog has me confused. I guess I should actually see what it is all about.

BTW, I have found McMillan to be "fairly" accurate for me. He's been within 5 minutes of my marathon time for my first 2 when using a 10 mile time as the estimating base. Who knows though. There's variance. I think his calculator assumes you'll only slow nominally per mile from a 5k to a marathon. If your pace changes dramatically, then his calculations will be all off.

cymrusteve said...

Join the club on the Week 3 struggles. The good news is I came back strong and have just finished Week 4.

I wonder how many I'll do on the exhaustion test tomorrow??


Eric Gervase said...

Nitmos... For me, the pushup plan is about not having my girly arms anymore. I'd like a little definition and strength. I think it will help my running a bit, but not really why I'm doing it. Much more aesthetic reasons.

Corey... thanks, it's been tough, but I'm sticking with it.

Steve... I'm gonna catch up. I know it.