Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Six Miles in Town...

I went for a brutally humid run on Sunday in town. Again, I was very busy and had to find time to fit it in. So... instead of doing it early (my wife had breakfast in bed for me that morning for Father's Day), I ended up doing it in the heat and humidity. I ran a 3 mile loop and stopped (by stop, I mean grabbed Gatorade and kept running with it in my hand) in the middle to rehydrate.

The first 3 miles were done at a pretty nice clip (8:56, 8:32, 8:52). But, then the heat and humidity got to me and I kind of petered over the last 3 (9:40, 9:35, 9:00). That's backwards to how I want to be running my runs. So, I'm gonna try and do the opposite on my long runs from now on. But, it was still a nice first 3 miles.

Run recap- 6 miles, 54:38, 9:06 pace


Nitmos said...

This heat is...humid. It's a killer. I'll take it over the snow and 10 degree weather though.

cyberpenguin said...

What time of day did you run? My hat's off to you for running in the heat & humidity; it's rough!

Even when it's not that hot, it's the humidity that's the real culprit, because it makes the air so stuffy! Plus, if you factor in the 20 degrees hotter your body actually feels while running, you're almost in the boiling temperature range. Hahahahaha!

I also have a lot of trouble running when the summer rolls around -- My lungs & the rest of my body just rebel! ;-) That's why I've been getting up brutally early to run. It's not exactly the most natural thing for me to do (I'm usually an evening/afternoon runner), but it's better than melting in the sun! ;-)

The heat really does affect pace, so it certainly makes a runner feel very human indeed. ;-)