Saturday, June 14, 2008

Quick Run Before Golfing...

I took the day off from work on Friday to go golfing in a tournament with a friend of mine, Bernie. Bernie is the husband of a good college friend of my wife and I (Jana). So.. Jana and Melissa went out all day and took the kids to a gymnastics place and Bernie and I went and played golf. But, since I knew I would be tired from a day of golfing, I had to get my 3 miler in before I left. The run went pretty well. It was really humid and I ran kind of slow. But, since I had a day of golf ahead of me, I didn't want to overdo it. So, I took Ivey (my dog) and off we went. Nothing spectacular during the run happened. But, we got the miles in. Here are the stats:

Run recap- 3.01 miles, 29:05, 9:40 pace

Then, came the golfing. We were playing a tournament at Deer Valley Golf Course in Hershey, PA. I was notified, the day before, that there wasn't a driving range at the course. That was kinda troubling because I haven't been out golfing yet this year. So, my first swing of the year came off the first tee. I swung and missed... wah wah. But, the rest of the round went surprisingly well. We were playing a "best ball" tournament. So, the entire team plays the best ball off the tee and then the best next shot and so on. We played my ball a number of times (not a lot, but enough). And, I was a pretty trusty putter. For not having played yet this year, I'd have to say I did very well.

But... the true story of the round was Bernie's drives. He's a big guy and he was hitting everything long and straight. We ended up finishing 9 under as a team. And, the winner came in at 12 under. So, we weren't that far off the lead. I think that was the best finish any team I have ever been on has done. That's not coincidence, I'm not a very good golfer. But... it was a lot of fun.

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