Monday, June 30, 2008

8 at Brillhart

I went for a slow (much needed) 8 mile run on Sunday with Nate, John and Bill. Bill had just completed a marathon the day before, Nate is just about ready to get started with his marathon training and we haven't quite convinced John to start thinking about 26.2 yet.

All in all... it was a nice run. We ran on the Heritage Rail Trail and went from Brillhart out to Hanover Junction (a little past and back to complete 8). We kept the pace slow and I think it really helped my body "active recover" (as Nate would say). I know that this can be a dangerous thought, but I truly think the slower run helped me.

As always, I really dig the longer runs when I get to run with other people. It breaks up the monotony and lets me think about things other than the run. I like to run on my own too... but this was a nice break. After the run, we all went out to a diner in York (as is tradition) and had a nice brunch. It's funny... this is the most social thing I do anymore.

Run recap- 8.01, 1:25:49, 10:43 pace

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