Thursday, May 8, 2008

Speed workout logs from Wednesday

This is just a quick post to log my splits from the run. I don't have a time for the first split because I was so concerned about the sprint itself, I forgot to hit the lap button.

Lap 1 (1st 400 and warm-up included, 1 mile)- 8:21
Lap 2 (400 recovery)- 2:46
Lap 3 (2nd 400)- 1:37, 6:28 pace
Lap 4 (400 recovery)- 3:01
Lap 5 (3rd 400)- 1:43, 6:52 pace
Lap 6 (400 recovery)- 3:28
Lap 7 (4th 400)- 1:37, 6:28 pace
Lap 8 (cool down, .54 miles)- 6:23

The schedule recommended running the 400s at "mile pace". I'm not really sure, based on my fitness right now, what that is. But, I'm guessing low 6:40s to high 6:30s. For 2 of the 3 400s that I have a time for, I was well faster than that. So, that's good. Not bad for a first effort. This is really just a benchmark at this point.

Run recap- 3.02, 29:00, 9:35 pace


cymrusteve said...

Excellent - that's pretty speedy actually! Well done...

FWIW, I think you'll do better on a track too. Makes it much easier to judge pace than having some random point in the distance to run towards.

Enjoy your summer of track intervals. I'm sure you'll hate it, but it could be so good for you :)


Nitmos said...

Great job. Those are pretty fast miles. Garmins are incredibly fun aren't they?

Eric Gervase said...

Thanks guys. Unfortunately, they're not as fast as either of your marathon splits... :)

Gotta start somewhere, right?

cymrusteve said...

Most definitely! Just wait until you've been at the track for a few weeks and start seeing your interval times plummet. You'll really feel great about your personal achievements...

Happy Birthday by the way! Have a beer (or two) for me...


Eric Gervase said...

Thanks man... I certainly did.