Sunday, May 18, 2008

Not doing great...

I missed a "fast" run yesterday of thirty minutes, and I've bumped up to about 203 pounds. I'm also settling in to some old habits. The major difference from before to now is that I'm running and I care. So, time to reign it in a bit. I did get a five miler in today. That felt pretty good. The last two miles were under 9 minute pace. So, I generally got faster as the run got longer. Here's a recap.

Mile 1- 9:01
Mile 2- 9:23
Mile 3- 9:26
Mile 4- 8:43
Mile 5- 8:54

Run recap- 5 miles, 45:30, 9:06 pace


Greg On the Run said...

Well done, Eric! As our bodies change, our minds do start to change as well. We really do begin care more about what we put in our bodies for fuel.

Anonymous said...

The pace looks good. Too bad we don't have HR data to see how you are doing.

At any rate, keep running, you're doing great.

Hopefully soon I'll be back at it and we can do a long run together.

Eric Gervase said...

Greg... Thanks for stopping by. I've really got to get back into a more conscious effort to not eat so poorly. I'm "comfortable". That usually spells trouble.

Nate... I won't be getting you HR data anytime soon. I'd love to go on a long run though. Let me know.