Monday, April 7, 2008

Newville 11

Nate, Bill, Jon Laman and I went out for a run at Newville on the rails to trails. I gotta tell you, running with other people for the long runs is really enjoyable. Conversation and company makes the time fly. It is also nice to see how other people react to long runs and all the funny prep that goes into it.

I decided not to bring my amphipod (don't ask why) and had decided I would just do without hydration for the run.. I have no idea why, just did. Then, I got there and realized how dumb an idea that was. Jon had given me a gu and I needed to wash it down with a drink. So, I carried my hugemungous Gatorade bottle for the first 3 miles and dropped it off. Then, I picked it up at mile 8 on the way back and took my gu. Lesson learned.

The run was pretty good. Jon and Bill stuck with Nate and I for the first half and then really picked it up on the back half. Nate probably could have run faster, but he was being a good buddy and stuck with me. I felt pretty fatigued. Not sure if that had something to do with the tempo run with Dave or just the onslaught of the training itself. But, I was pretty beat by the end.

Only one long run left in the half training (12 miles), then I taper. I'm looking forward to it. The training is beating my body up a bit. Can't wait to race some shorter races after this one. I'm sure I've got some PRs in me.

Run recap- 11.02 miles, 1:44:13, 9:28 pace

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cymrusteve said...

"So, I carried my hugemungous Gatorade bottle for the first 3 miles"

been there, done that, don't like it. just wear the amphipod next time, right?

nice run though, love the way how your mileage is building!