Monday, April 21, 2008

Am I Crazy?

Either tapering is getting the better of me, or I'm crazy. I had a disastrous last "long run" yesterday. I went out in the rain with Ivey and that didn't bother me that much. But, less than halfway through I got a good bit of thunder and lightning. So, I decided it would be better to turn around and come home. It's not the act of turning around that bothers me. It's the way my legs felt. They actually were ready to turn around. They feel pretty trashed.

So... I'm not terribly optimistic about this race. But, for the long-term, I think it's good that I get this one behind me. It's a good first step for my "racing" year and maybe I'll surprise myself. Who knows? I'm definitely going to get more serious after this one though.

Run recap- 3.7 miles, 37:10, 10:03 pace

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Anonymous said...

Eh, could be any number of things. I would concentrate on resting up, eating right and getting enough sleep. Hydrating is probably a good idea too.

You'll do well. Just need to rest.