Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ten miles... negative split

I spent the weekend with my daughter and really enjoyed myself. I haven't ever had Sophia for that long of a period of time before... And, to be honest, I was kind of nervous. But, it worked out well. She is healthy (as far as I can tell) and I think she had a good time. I'm sure I did. We didn't really do anything special, just good old fashioned quality time.

In the running world... I had a pretty good cold this past week. I missed 3 days of work and 2 runs. So, by the time my wife got home from her scrap booking weekend, I was absolutely itching for a run. And, the last thing I wanted to do was miss my long one for the week.

So... I went out for my 10 miler and had it in my head that I was going to negative split the long run today. I've never really focused on this kind of thing before. Mostly because my long runs were such a monumental challenge before. Now, they are less difficult. So, it allows me to focus on some things that I didn't before.

It turns out... I had a really good long run. I ran the first 5 miles in 48:55 (intentionally slow). Then, I really pushed the back half and ran that 5 miles in 46:03. After I mapped it, I also found out that I had actually run about 5.125 miles both ways. So, I ran a total of 10.25 after all. Nice to be back...

Run recap- 10.25 miles, 1:34:58, 9:16 pace
Split paces- 9:33 first half, 8:59 second half


cymrusteve said...

Nice run! I wonder how many non-runners know what "negative split" means eh?

Glad your cold seems to have gone away and nice to hear about the quality time too.

Have a good week,


Anonymous said...

Good work buddy. You are on pace for your goal at LVHM.

Nitmos said...

Negative splits. Always nice.

Return from illness. Always welcoming.

No scratches or dents on children. Wonderful.

runningtwig said...

Good job on the 10 miler!!

Eric Gervase said...

Wow... I'll have to remember this. Run ten miles and mention a negative split. 4 comments, I'm impressed!!

Steve... I was thinking the same thing too. That probably means nothing to most "normal" people.

Nate.. We're gonna rock LVHM.

Nitmos.. I'm really proud of the negative split.. But, I'm prouder of the fact that my wife hasn't noticed any bruises or lasting damage for my daughter from "daddy weekend". Phew...

Runningtwig.. Thanks for the support. I've got some work to do to approach your 50 mile week. But, I gotta start somewhere, right?