Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Anniversary run..

Nate and I went on a victory run today to celebrate our one year of running. I wanted to go slow and Nate's natural compass is to go faster (so is mine normally)... So, we were dueling the whole way. It worked out pretty well in the end. But, I would've liked to go a little slower. I'm totally afraid of overdoing it now. I'm a big wussy at this point.

Run recap- 3.05 miles, 28:27, 9:19 pace


Anonymous said...

To be fair, you have drug me out way too fast on occasion :) ... so it's only fitting I return the favor.

Salute brother. Here is to one year!

Eric Gervase said...

Me no likey being slow guy... :(

lol... You're right. I just hate to pull back. I'm deathly afraid of injury any more.