Friday, October 26, 2007

We've arrived

Well, we are staying with Rachelle and Nikhil tonight and going to DC tomorrow to stay closer to the race. We went to the race expo and mingled with all the vendors. It was pretty cool over there. Not as many free give-aways as I thought there would be. But, we were able to take care of some last minute things (buy a couple Clif Shots for the race and we both bought a shirt). We also were able to pick up our race bibs and our chips... We are all set!! Now, we can relax tomorrow and just try to prepare for the race.

I should mention the major hassle that the Marine Corps Marathon and Sheraton put us through today. Between the two of them (we don't know which was at fault, so we'll just blame it on both of them), they managed to move us to a hotel that was 15 miles out of DC when we were confirmed that we were booked a mile from the start. Worse yet, MCM sent us a confirmation email last week that tried to sweep that fact under the rug. Yes, they told us that were were at the Sheraton Tysons Corner... But, at quick glance on the email, they made no reference that they changed our hotel reservation. They just changed our hotel and sent a confirmation email with the new hotel info. Anyhow, after raising hell and talking to like 4-5 different people, they fixed it somehow. I don't know how, but I'm glad they fixed it. Both Melissa's parents and my parents are booked at the Arlington hotel and that would have been a royal pain. So, one hassle down... hopefully that's the end of it. That could have turned out much worse..

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